What Are The Symptoms Of a Sleepwalking Disorder?

Are you or someone you know a sleepwalker?

People associate sleep walking as a rare disorder that only happens to occur in some individuals and they are  right, however that being said a lot of people still have sleepwalking issues.

The disorder itself might seem simple enough to diagnose, you walk in your sleep. But what happens when you live alone, or you simply don’t remember walking during your sleep at all?

First, lets go over some of the common symptoms that are associated with sleepwalking:

The Symptoms Of Sleepwalking

  • Sleeping walking can be very severe or even mild. Mild cases of sleep walking can range from standing, walking around the room, or similar clumsy behavior. More severe versions of sleepwalking can range from full blown out running.
  • A person that is sleepwalking usually has glossy or half open eyes. Most people who do sleepwalk will quietly roam around the house on their own in the middle of the night.
  • Speech is usually slurred and makes no sense. If you talk to a person who is sleepwalking they usually tend to murmur.
  • If the person sleepwalking returns to bed without waking up their memory of the event will ether seem like a dream or they will not remember at all.
  • If you have a sleepwalking disorder this does not mean you have any other type of disorder or sleeping problem. Sleepwalking is a disorder that is completely tied to itself.


There are a few different types of treatments for sleepwalking. The majority of them will be medical and you will need to go see a doctors help. They might try some type of treatment or medication.

Some people believe that sleepwalking can be a deeper problem but scientists can still only guess what really causes it. Just like sleep itself there are still many things to discover.

Ether way sleepwalking is not dangerous or anything to be concerned about, just try to be cautious and make sure to take precautions.  Check out this great article that will show you how exactly sleep walking works:


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