Babies are not the only ones who are entitled to a good nights rest.

The following is a list of questions that I find myself getting asked the most. Before contacting us or sending me an e-mail please read these questions first and see if your questions gets answered. If not, then please head on over to our contact page where you can get in touch with us personally.

1. Is It Normal To Feel Tired All The Time?

No, you should not feel tired all the time, especially after you wake up. Assuming you got a good sleep (7-9 hours of constant sleep) You should feel wide awake and ready to go. If you constantly feel tired all the time then you might have a sleeping disorder or something else might be going on.

2. Is It Common To Develop a Sleeping Disorder?

Yes, at many points in your life you will develop all kinds of sleeping disorders, they just happen sometimes. Sometimes for a couple days, or weeks, or even longer. Some people have had sleeping problems all their lives.

3. Is There One Secret Trick To Start Sleeping Better?

No, there is no magic pill or one thing that you can do, but there are many different things you can do. Healthy and natural living are the two things that are going to improve your sleep dramatically. Consult the sleeping tips section on our blog for more help regarding this.

4. Whats One Thing I Can Do Right Now To Improve My Sleep?

The one thing you can do right now to dramatically improve your sleep is to get outside and be as active as possible. Try to avoid things such as watching TV and laying around the house. Go out for a walk, even if it is only for 10 minutes.

5. Is It Healthy and Safe To Work Night Shift

I get this question asked a lot and quite honestly if you can avoid the night shift if possible. It’s hard work and puts a lot of stress on your system. If you must work nights make sure it is a steady schedule and avoid shift work.

6. How Does Quality Of Sleep Effect How You Feel

The quality of your sleep plays a major role in how well-rested you will feel when you awaken in the morning. Sleeping for 8-9 hours can be useless if you don’t feel well rested when you wake up.

You will find that once you start being more active, get outside more, eat better, and practice good sleeping hygiene you will actually need less hours of sleep but the quality of sleep will be much better.

7. How About Sleep Aid and Pills

Don’t use em, they just cause more problems then they fix. The only time you can use a sleeping pill or anything to help you sleep is when you are sick and you can’t fall asleep on your own, but even then use with caution.

8. Should I Go To Bed and Wake Up At The Same Time Everyday?

This is a tough one because everyone is different. I recommend you wake up at the same time everyday but only go to bed when you are tired. This is probably the best way to keep a consistent schedule and feel good all the time. There might be some days when you are tired but you will then go to bed earlier and feel fine the next day.

I also find this method to be the most productive and flexible, because there’s gonna be times when you need to stay up late.