Sleep and Snoring, Is There a Connection?

I’ve recently had a reader ask me if snoring is a bad thing, or if it means he might have a sleeping disorder such as sleep apnea. Today’s post is hopefully going to help answer this question for him and anyone else who might be wondering the same thing.

If you or your partner snores, then do both of yourselves a favor and get checked for sleep apnea

Generally speaking snoring in not a bad thing unless it is very loud and consistent. What I mean is that if you snore loud all the time, wake people up, and even yourself sometimes. If there is the odd night here and there that is normal. If I’ve had a pretty long night or if I am sick and very sleep deprived I have been known to snore a little myself.

If you have a partner and their snoring is constantly a problem, instead of feeding them an elbow or foot, it might be wise to take them to a sleep clinic. Loud constant snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea. Snoring does not always mean you have sleep apnea, but it never hurts to get checked just in case.

Why Is Sleep Apnea a Bad Thing?

Sleep apnea is a bad thing because not only does it interrupt your sleep, but it can also cause a wide array of health problems as well. Untreated sleep apnea can result in many bad health problems such as:

  • Excessive daytime Sleepiness
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Memory Loss
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Depression
  • Strain full Relationships
  • Morning headaches
  • Chest Pains

Just because you snore or have these symptoms does not necessarily mean you have sleep apnea, but it could very well be a good indicator. If you are worried try to get a friend or loved one to observe you while you are sleeping. If there are many pauses in-between your breathing, or if they hear choking sounds then its more then likely you have sleep apnea.

Since sleep apnea is a very common sleeping disorder there is a lot of information on the internet regarding it. Here are some posts for further reading regarding snoring and sleep apnea.


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