How To Improve Your Sleep Naturally

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This post is probably going to be one of my favorite posts to write as improving sleep naturally is what the sleeping academy is all about! Improving your sleep anyway else is completely garbage and does not work, heck the reason why we have sleeping problems in the first place is because we are living unnatural lives.

Lets get started…

A Natural Diet

Fruits and veggies are very important to maintain good health and sleep.

A natural diet is very important in all areas of life. Your diet affects your sleep in many different ways. So whats a natural diet? Well, a natural diet is one that consists of natural plant based foods. Anything that comes from nature is a natural food source. Think nuts, berries, lettuce, all that kind of good stuff.

You don’t need to go completely vegetarian overnight but just adding a few more fruits and veggies can make a huge difference! Not only will it make you feel better but you will have more energy which as you will find out later helps sleep and your circadian rhythm as well!

The Sun Is Your Friend

The sun is what our body relies on the most in order to know when to feel awake.

The sun…do you know it very well? Well, you should the sun is the biggest factor that determines how are circadian rhythm operates. Ever wonder why it is so hard to work a night or graveyard shift?

The more sun you get into your eyes the better off you will be. Try to get as much as possible, even if it means going out for a walk, opening the blinds, or even sitting out on the deck, get as much as that stuff as you can.

You are going to also want to try to get as much sun as early as possible as well. As soon as you wake up and get your sorry butt out of bed, get some sun!

Exercise and Work

Exercise can keep you young forever!

Seeing as the majority of us now work a day job that requires a lot of sitting around we need to be more active. Walking to the fridge or the car is just not going to cut it. Your body needs to work, THAT is the way it was intended to be.

When we exercise we do all kinds of great things for out body. When it comes to sleep it helps increase our temperature which makes us more awake. When we go to bed out body will FEEL tired and our temperature will drop as well causing us to sleep and sleep well.

You don’t have to be the next fitness guru or look like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was 25, but you do need to work. Buy some weights and get a home fitness program. Try to workout hard for at least 20 minutes a day, you gotta sweat!. George and the boys at P90x both offer great programs to get people into shape.

Get Rid Of That Cellphone

Cell phones, cell phones everywhere…

Honestly, if out world never had cellphones a good chunk of the problems of society has would go away but chances are that’s not going to happen so here’s the alternative. Don’t sleep with the dam thing and only use it when you really need to.

Since we are on the topic of electronics, get rid of everything in your bedroom that has to be plugged in, except you know, the necessities. Your computer, TV and everything else can go somewhere else. By the way why do we have the need to think we must have a TV in every room of the house.

Avoid using electronics and staring at screens for at least an hour before bed, more would be better. The bright lights stimulate your brain which can delay your sleep which is not good.

Learn How To Relax

Meditation is great for the mind and soul, and you guessed it, sleep!

Learning how to relax can be tough but its a must if you want to live a happy life and sleep well. It can be tricky on knowing where to start but somethings you might want to consider would be meditation, or some kind of relaxation techniques.

Practice being proactive, try to empty your mind of thoughts at the end of the day and consider keeping a journal, they are not just for girls you know.

Anxiety and stress are the root cause for many sleeping disorders, you want to learn how to master your mind so that it does not master you.


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