How To Improve Your Sleeping Patterns


Getting your sleeping patterns right will improve your quality of sleep tremendously.

Improving your sleep doesn’t necessarily have to be a hard thing to do. In fact all you need is some good old education and some discipline and you will be sleeping like a pro in nearly no time.

The following article is going to give you some good solid tips that you can implement right away to help regulate and improve your sleeping patterns. Remember, its all about getting your circadian rhythm back on track and keeping is consistent.

Avoid Large Meals

The first tip I will tell you is to avoid large meals but not only that but too avoid meals that are heavy in processed foods and animal products. The reason why is because eating too much, especially the foods that are hard to digest, puts a lot of strain on our bodies and natural makes us sleepy and tired.

This is bad because after lunch you ideally do not want to be dosing off on the couch. The trick is to eat less and more frequently and to eat more natural foods such as fruit and veggies. You can read more about how your diet effects your sleep here.

Nap Accordingly

There is nothing wrong with taking regular naps throughout your day as long as you do it the right way. Only nap in the early afternoon and only nap for 20-45 min. This will allow you to quickly recharge your patterns and avoid putting your body into deep sleep.

It can be tempting to keep sleeping and nap for longer but use an alarm clock if you must, the trick is to take a nap and then get up. After about 2 minutes of waking up you will feel better you just gotta get up and moving. I find that even a 5-10 minute nap makes a world of a difference.

Wake Up At The Same Time Everyday

A really good way to improve your energy in the morning and to avoid being a grouch is to wake up at the same time everyday. It doesn’t really matter what time you go to sleep at as long as you go to sleep when you are TIRED. You want to be tired enough so that after a few minutes you will fall asleep.

Once you get up at the same your body will get into routine and you will start to feel tired around the same time every night and your sleep will greatly increase. Do not sleep in on the weekends! You have to get up at the same time every day!

Get as much sunlight as you can! Especially when you wake up.

Get Sunlight As Soon As You Wake Up

Make sure that right after you wake up get sunlight as soon as possible. Go outside and drink a cup of herbal tea, open the blinds, or turn on your SAD light box. Try to get at least 30 minutes of sunlight in the morning if you can.

Throughout the day also try to get lots of sun as this helps tell your body when to be awake. Avoid spending long periods of time inside and in the dark. Use your light box during the day if you need to.


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