How To Fix Sleeping Cycle Problems

Fixing your sleeping cycles can be a bit tricky as there are a few different things that can cause someone to have bad sleeping cycles. Generally speaking if your circadian rhythm is all messed up then that’s what is causing your sleep to suffer.

The 5 Stages Of Sleep

So How Do We Fix Our Circadian Rhythm?

Two words: Sunlight, and exercise.

These two things are what our inner sleep clock relies the most on as external cues in order to maintain its function.


Sunlight should be pretty obvious, it tells our body when to be awake. This happens when bright light enters your eye. Your body produces a hormone which tells you to be awake! At night when no light enters your eyes your body produces a hormone (melatonin) that causes us to feel sleepy.

The problem with light is that artificial light is not the same as sunlight. Yup, sitting inside all day doesn’t cut it in fact when you do this your body thinks it is night time. Are you starting to see why this can greatly mess up your sleep cycles. You need to be outside as much as possible.

The more sunlight you get into your diet the more you will feel awake during the day and the more tired you will feel at night which ultimately means the better you will sleep.


The second thing your body uses in order to manage its sleeping cycle is your body temperature. When your body temperature is cool you feel sleepy, when it is warm you feel more awake.

Exercise works the same way as sunlight, you want to try to keep your body temperature high during the day so that at night the crash is greater and as a result you sleep like a baby and feel great when you wake up.

You don’t need a lot of exercise but enough to increase your temperature, my favorite time to exercise is in the morning/ early afternoon so that you feel great in the morning and carries over to the evening.

If I were to give someone advice on how to improve their sleeping cycles then this is what I would tell them. Get more sunlight and exercise more. You will notice the effects the next day.

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Specific Problems

Sometimes for unique cases someone has trouble sleeping because of a disorder or an allergy that is unique to their case. This happens to some people and for this you will need to go to a sleep clinic for help.

For example: Some people have problems with wheat a gluten, so its always worth a try to experiment and see what works best for you.

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