Having Problems With Your Sleep?

…then you are not alone.

mmmmmmm sleep.

Nowadays so many people have issues sleeping they don’t even know where to begin. I’ve talked about some factors that help improve your sleep before, as well as some of the common sleeping disorders you might see.

In this article I am going to attack sleep from the mental side of things. Here we are going to go over the tough stuff and make some type of action plan that is going to allow you to withstand the hard parts until they get easier and eventually become habits.

The hardest part of changing something about yourself is doing it for 30 days non-stop, after 30 days whatever your doing on a daily basis becomes a habit. That habit then becomes second nature and before you know it your on autopilot.

This post is for those who really don’t know where to start. So, the first thing we need to do is pick one task that you think you could commit to for 30 days, then once it becomes a habit you pick something else until you are satisfied with where you are. This is slow yet effective, and its really not that slow if you can change your whole life by doing 12 things each year then your way ahead of the majority of people.

For example, lets say you like to exercise. Okay, well how about 20 minutes of exercise each day? Could you do that, if you did then I know that would really help your sleep. How about going for a walk as soon as you wake so that sunlight can enter your eyes and help keep your circadian rhythm healthy? Do that for 30 days and you will greatly increase your sleep, once that’s done try something else.

I once read about the power of implementing habits, you might find this article interesting as well.

This method is for those who can’t go cold turkey, or have tried but always end up back where they started.

Trust me this stuff works and its a lot easier then you probably thought it would be.


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