Common Toddler Sleeping Problems

Toddler Sleeping Problems

Just like adults, toddlers can have sleeping problems as well. Kids on the other hand can be a little bit harder to deal with. No one likes waking up in the middle of the night to a screaming child. If you are having some sleeping issues with your little guy or girl then this post is for you. Here we are going to go over some common sleeping issues in toddlers and learn some simple tactics to help stop them.


That little guy having a hard time sleeping?

Not Sleeping Through The Night

The most common sleeping problem I see in toddlers is not being able to sleep through the whole night and there are a few reasons why. First of all, did you recently just switch your toddler to a full sleeping schedule? Do you still allow them to take naps during the day? How long are they? Is your child currently sick or not feeling well? Are they teething? 

These are all kinds of problems that could be causing your child sleeping problems. If your child is showing this kind of activity out of the blue then they just might not be tired enough. Try delaying your child’s bedtime slightly to see if they just need to be more tired. Long naps during the day can cause your child to not feel tired at night and wake up.

If you toddler is waking up consistently everyday then there might be a health issue present, it never hurts to see a doctor just in case. If need be try to sing a lullaby or sing a song to help you child sleep once they wake up. Sometimes dreams can scare toddlers as well.

Crying at Bedtime

Crying at bedtime is very common. There is a very popular method which involves allowing your child to cry it out so to speak. This can be hard to do but it has shown to stop kids from crying when its time to sleep. You need to be consistent however and do it for a couple of nights straight. Some parents can’t stand the sound of their child crying while others have no problem.

Sleeping With Daddy and Mommy

Sleeping with daddy and mommy can occur innocently enough. You child has a bad dream or feels sick so they sleep in bed with you for the night. All of a sudden this starts turning into every night.

The best way to break this habit is to let your child know that you need space and that beds are only for two people. It can take a little while but your child should understand. Once they sleep a night or two by themselves they will be back to normal.




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