5 Tips On Getting a Good Nights Sleep

The following article is going to be some quick tips to help you get a good nights sleep.  If you try these  tips I guarantee you should sleep better to at least some degree. These are just quick and easy things to do, so if you really want to address your sleeping problems, check out some of my more in-depth articles.

Keep your room as dark as possible and eliminate all lights sources

1. Make Your Room As Dark As Possible

If you are a reader of this blog then you should know by know that natural sunlight wakes us up and causes stimulation in our brain. Because of this we want to eliminate all types of lights in our sleeping environment.

Make sure you turn off your TV, close the blinds, and unplug those cell phones and computers. Even small LED lights have been proven to mess up your sleep.

Fruits and veggies are easy on your body to digest and most likely will not impair your sleep

2. Eat a Light Meal Before Bed

If you have ever ate a large meal before bed you will probably notice that its hard to fall asleep afterwards. Eating large a meal puts a lot of stress on your digestive system and even if you do happen to fall asleep your quality of sleep will not be as good. You will also probably not feel so great when you wake up in the morning as well.

Try to eat something that your body can easily and quickly digest like some fruits or veggies before bed. Avoid processed foods or animal products.

If you have a hard time waking up in the morning, try waking up at the same time everyday so that your body knows exactly when to begin the day.

3. Wake Up at The Same Time Everyday

It’s very important that you wake up at the same time everyday so that your circadian rhythm can get into a schedule. You can stay up as late as you like or go to bed whenever you want but always make sure you wake up at the same time.

Try to go to sleep only when you are tired. The first few days will be rough but soon your body will settle in.

After a couple of days your body will get into a routine. Try to avoid sleeping in even on the weekends as this can steer you off course.

Noise can be hard to deal with, consider a white noise machine or something similar to help you sleep.

4. Block Out All Noises and Distractions

If you are like me then you are probably a light sleeper, that’s okay. I have found that a little bit of white noise does wonders for being able to sleep through noise. Consider running a fan or getting a white noise machine to block out noises that would normally keep you up.

If you got loud neighbors or roommates ask nicely for them to keep the noise level down.

Good stress handling techniques and a healthy lifestyle go a long way.

5. Reduce Your Stress

Stress is a killer, and anxiety is something that keeps a lot of people awake at night. Consider learning some stress reducing techniques. Try exercising more or learning meditation. A healthy lifestyle goes a long way to reducing stress.


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