5 Phone Apps To Help You Sleep

The following post is a list of 5 phone apps that might help you sleep at night. Even though I personally find it ironic that people sleep with their phones as they cause sleeping troubles to begin with, but if you travel lots or sleep in areas where you cant shut off from the world then these apps might help you.

If you can however, its best to sleep in an environment that is free of electronics and any other kind of interruption that might bother you.

Here are 5 phone apps for sleeping:


Ambiance Sleep App


These is an interesting little app that helps create relaxing sounds that can be used to help you fall asleep. I always found that ambient music works for me so sounds make sense. If nice sounds help you relax and fall asleep then you might want to give this app a shot.

Ambiscience Power Sleep and Nap App

Power Sleep and Nap

This app is similar to ambiance except that it gives you the option to include an alarm for power naps. The app is said to have over 10 tracks you can listen to help you fall alseep. The app does look a little bit complicated and lacks instructions so you need to play around with it first.

Breathing Zone Sleep app

Breathing Zone

A really interesting and practical app, breathing zone gives you breathing exercises you can do to help you relax before you go to sleep. The app focuses on getting you to slow down and breath like you would while you are asleep. This is a very good app, unfortunately it is not currently free and costs $2.99.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep cycle alarm clock is an interesting app that is said to wake up you at your lightest stages of sleep in the morning so that you awaken feeling your best. Pretty interesting app as I have not had the time to try it out yet. The only problem I see with this one is you have to once again sleep with your phone.

Still kudos to the people who thought of an app to do that kind of thing.

Penzu Journal app


You might be wondering why I decided to include this app? Well, if writing in a normal book doesn’t float your boat then writing in a digital journal might interest you as well. Writing/reading before bed is a good way for people to relax and get rid of unwanted worrying and stress.

Have something on you mind? Write it down. Still I would rather you use a traditional journal instead, but none the less this works as well.

If you have an app you would like me to review or add to this list please leave a comment!



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